A&J Car Service, Corp., is there to ensure and provide non-emergency medical transportation services, but highly essential to bring Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries closer together.

For the elderly, for people with disabilities and low-income people who do not have means of transportation to access health services when the need arises.


A&J CAR SERVICES, Corp. is a transportation corporation that focuses primarily on non-emergency medical transportation services. How can our NON-EMERGENCY MEDICAL TRANSPORT services be defined?

It is defined as a health transportation service provided to people who are not in an emergency situation, but need more assistance than a regular taxi service can provide. Travel is non-emergency, meaning there is no immediate threat to the participant’s health or life, and no life support elements are required in the vehicle during the trip.

A&J CAR SERVICES, Corp. was founded in 2012 as a transportation provider, with the purpose of offering the best of services. After gaining experience in the market, in 2019 we expanded to NON-EMERGENCY MEDICAL TRANSPORT.

Our fundamental goal is to provide a more personalized service, both to patients and drivers, so drivers and customers are always satisfied, and are part of our A&J CAR SERVICES, Corp family.

Our service is unique in the industry, as we continue to grow, it commits us to care deeply about what we do. Our mission is to offer a more personalized service, both to patients and drivers, so we take our daily work very seriously.

Provide a quality service, with the highest standards in the market. To meet the needs of our clients with professionalism, and that our collaborators can grow together with us.

Achieve respect and admiration within the transport industry, for the commitment to provide our customers, collaborators and partners, of human quality and the honest services they deserve.